About Us/Me (Buddy Rangel)!

Back in 1994 was the first time I experienced a computer (windows 3.1 was the system back then), and digging inside the computer, (bios, registry, etc.) fascinated me, but then I started looking at how the internet worked. The internet back then was a new thing and having websites was something that not to many people had, and figuring out how the pages were shown on the computer screen was something I had to see.

My Fascination (curiosity)!

My search and knowledge of how html worked and what it all meant was my hobby (of course I had other hobbies such as golf, coaching a youth baseball team, etc.) and so I did as much as I could when I had time. The more I got into the what, why, who and where of html and css the more interesting it became to me. I then messed around by creating some pages myself and before I knew it I was liking what I was doing and really started to get more serious about html and css. Now of course I had to figure out how to implement java-script, php, java, etc. into web pages. More learning.

My Handicap (perfection, perfection and perfection)!

In 2001 I decided to put a little company together about web design, creation and development because I learned enough to be able to put sites together without taking people for all they are worth. My biggest problem now is that my work has to be perfect, and what I mean is every web page needs to be able to be seen in every browser the way I want it to look like. So making sure that every page is validated and browser comparable is my handicap, it has to be perfect.