We Believe (we listen)!

Our customers choose us to help build their ideas on the internet for all to see. We are full of ourselves. It is true, we think we are the best, but that doesn't mean we can't prove ourselves, and it definitely doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. We will give you 8 fabulous reasons to sign up with us today, you won't look back.
  1. We are real people and we care!
  2. We're honest!
  3. We're reliable!
  4. We're affordable!
  5. Sleep, What sleep?
  6. We keep current.
  7. We use the best designers in the industry!
  8. We believe that the customer is always right!

We're real people and honest!

We don't sell you on hype. We don't tell you anything that isn't true. We tell it like it is, good or bad. So, this is who we are: We are Buddy's Creative Design! We strive to be the best at what we do. We offer the best prices, the best technology, and the best support. There are real people working 24 hours a day for you. There are no gimmicks or deceitful sales tactics. We talk and communicate like humans, eat like humans, and work like humans, we also make mistakes like humans.

We're reliable!

There are 3 steps to reliability at Buddy's Creative Design
  1. Step 1: Location location location. Many datacenters are prone to earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural and unnatural disasters. Our datacenter presence was developed with extensive research, and not just hardware, we did the geological part too. Location is everything, it really is, but location isn't good enough.
  2. Step 2: Using the best hardware was step 2 of the 3 steps to Buddy's Creative Design unmatched reliability. We only use fast Quad Core servers with ECC buffered Ram (4GB+). For the non-tech sort, that is a good thing, and your website will be lightning fast because of it.
  3. Step 3: Is the network. All of the datacenters we utilize have excellent network back bones. One provider isn't enough; we make sure there are multiple providers like Time Warner, Level 3, ATT, and TelCove which provide a combined 22Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth. These high quality bandwidth providers are a key part of reliability here at Buddy's Creative Design; does your site deserve the best? We think so.

We're affordable!

We don't offer the world for a dollar, but we don't nickel and dime you either. Our focus is giving you the best service experience guaranteed. We feel that what we have to offer is far better than any cheap design services experience. We work for the customer, and we know what's best for you. If you want reliable design services, and people that care about you, you will come to our doorstep. If it isn't what you want, then you wouldn't be here. And if you don't think we're worth the money, try us out. We have a 90 day money-back guarantee for all services.

Sleep, What sleep?

We monitor our network and servers 24/7. If there is a problem, we are notified within minutes and chances are it will be fixed before you notice. If a server goes down, it will SMS all our techs and admins within 60 seconds. By being here for you 24 hours a day, we can help you keep focused on developing your sites, getting visitors attentions, and growing your online business.

We keep current!

As designers, developers, and programmers, we know that web standards are always changing and that programs are always updating. It's a part of the life we live in. Buddy's Creative Design has made it a goal to always be up-to-date on anything that is relevant to how you do business on the web. This means that we will not only offer you official updates, but chances are, we're going to be offering you beta-versions of upcoming releases.

We use the best equipment in the industry!

Ever wondered what software we use? The latest of Adobe products like Dreamweaver, PhotShop, Flash, etc., all on the fastest and latest computers.

We believe that the customer is always right!

It is hard to run a business and get another company to understand and believe that you are having problems. When you submit a support ticket and there are problems with our servers, software and/or hardware that causes you to be frustrated or have a headache, then we strive to relieve that stress no matter what it costs us. The customer is always right unless we find that the problem is due to a software or script problem that you are running on your account. This is why we have a 90 day money back guarantee and uptime guarantee.